Dedicated Servers

High-performance at your fingertips with enterprise-level hardware


Dedicated server hosting offers reliability, flexibility, power and independent management from an easy to use control panel. It is perfectly suitable for applications that need raw performance, privacy and availability. Dedicated servers are an ideal choice for websites and applications that have high traffic volume or sensitive data. It provides total control over entire server resources without sharing it with anyone.

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Flexible pricing to meet your needs

E3-1231 v3

$119 /mon

  • cpuCPU: 1 x Intel E3-1231v3
  • Base/Turbo Freq - 3.4 GHz / 3.8 GHz
  • cpuCores/Threads: 4/8
  • ramRAM: 16GB DDR3 ECC
  • ssd vpsHDD: 1 x 750GB
  • IPIPv4: /29 (5 usable IPs)
  • BANDWIDTH: 100mbit Unmetered
  • IPMI: Included
  • E5-2609 SB

    $239 /mon

  • cpuCPU: 2 x Xeon E5-2609
  • cpuBase/Turbo Freq - 2.4 GHz
  • Cores/Threads: 8/8
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3 ECC
  • HDD: 2 x 750GB
  • IPv4: /29 (5 usable IPs)
  • BANDWIDTH: 100mbit Unmetered
  • IPMI: Included
  • Intel XEON X5650

    $349 /mon

  • CPU: 2 x Xeon X5650
  • Base/Turbo Freq - 2.66 GHz / 3.06 GHz
  • Cores/Threads: 12/24
  • RAM: 24GB DDR3 ECC
  • HDD: 2 x 750GB
  • IPv4: /29 (5 usable IPs)
  • BANDWIDTH: 100mbit Unmetered
  • IPMI: Included
  • Our Most Popular Features

    instant vps provision

    Instant Provision

    Pre-built machines will be ready to use almost instantly whereas custom built servers will be provided with-in 24hrs.

    high speed vps network

    High Speed Network

    10 gigabit backbone feed with all upstream providers. Cogent and Hurricane Electric provide bandwidth to our facility in Kansas city.

    dedicated support

    Dedicated Support

    Our support team is always on hand to serve you at best. We believe that a true hosting company should have top-notch support services.

    99% uptime

    SLA - 99,99% Uptime

    We promise 99.99% network and power connectivity. Our redundant datacenters are backed by world-class UPS systems and generators.

    Advanced Attack Protection

    Advanced Attack Protection

    Our infrastructure utilizes advanced DDOS protection mechanism to counter all the attacks without causing any downtime.

    Secure and Reliable

    Secure & Reliable

    Additional layers of security and state of the art hardware with outstanding uptime makes our infrastructure much more secure and reliable.